Smith won't have to 'compete' vs. Manning

The latest from San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith, who spoke with reporters via conference call Wednesday after re-signing with the team:

  • 49ers up front on Manning: Smith says 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and general manager Trent Baalke communicated in person their intention to pursue Peyton Manning. The 49ers' offer to Smith remained on the table, he said. Smith said he was "not offended at all" and would have "relished" a shot at competing with Manning. Smith: "The one time we sat down, it would have been about competition and the best man winning. ... I feel, I know this is my job, I have earned it, I have earned the right to compete for it." Manning obviously wasn't going to compete for a job. It's a non-issue now.

  • Relationship intact: Smith dismissed concerns that the Manning diversion might harm his relationship with Harbaugh or the team. Smith said he "never really felt like a free agent" and those relationships remain "as good as they've always been, and getting better." The frustration, he said, was how long it took to reach an agreement. Structure was the sticking point.

  • Disputing Condon conflict: Smith disputed reports suggesting he was considering an agent change while the 49ers pursued Manning. Tom Condon represents both players. Changing agents might have been impractical, anyway. The NFL Players Association requires a five-day waiting period between changes. Smith on a potential conflict of interest: "That has never been an issue with me."

  • Visiting the Dolphins: Smith made it sound as though he was never seriously considering signing with Miami. Smith on his trip to Florida: "I had never been to Miami Beach and I thought it was a good way to go see it."

  • Saints bounties: Smith declined to discuss the NFL's bounty punishment against the New Orleans Saints, who hit him repeatedly -- and some thought excessively -- during the exhibition opener. He faced them again in the playoffs. Smith: "I don't have a great perspective, anyway. As a quarterback, you feel they are always out to get you."

  • On getting Mossed: Smith returns to a 49ers team with a remade group of receivers. Randy Moss and Mario Manningham are in. Josh Morgan is out. Ted Ginn Jr. could be out, too. Smith on Moss: "He has a tool set that is totally unique to himself. When your last name can become a verb, that you got Mossed, as the receivers say, that is a special player."

Smith's handling of the situation is consistent with his approach overall. As a result, there should be little long-term fallout from what became an eventful week featuring the Manning diversion.