Tim Tebow is officially a Jet (again)

Well, that was interesting.

The Tim Tebow era in New York lasted approximately three hours. Then it was taken away, only to return in what was a rollercoaster Wednesday for the Jets, Denver Broncos and Tebow himself.

That's how long it took for the Jets to agree to a trade, then back out after not realizing they would owe Denver an additional $5 million. Eventually, both sides met halfway and the Jets will pay half that amount ($2.5 million) to Denver, ESPN's Adam Schefter reports.

Blame this one on the Jets. New York's front office failed to read the fine print and missed the huge clause. But I don't blame the Jets for backtracking and doing everything they could to void the move.

I liked the trade for Tebow and a seventh rounder in exchange for a fourth and sixth rounder. I like it moderately less now that the Jets also had to cough up an additional $2.5 million to make the trade go through. But if Tebow plays his role well next season as the Jets' Wildcat option and backup quarterback behind Mark Sanchez, people will probably forget about the extra cash.

Reportedly, Tebow had a say in where he could go. He chose the Jets over the Jacksonville Jaguars. That is interesting because Jacksonville is Tebow country and he would've had a better chance at winning the starting job for the Jaguars.

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