No turning back: Tebow is gone

Well, now it’s official. Tebow-mania is dead in Denver.

Ending an intense day of renewed trade talks with the New York Jets and renewed talks with Tim Tebow’s hometown Jacksonville Jaguars, the Broncos have sent Tebow to the Jets. This time it seems it’s for good.

The same trade parameters remain. The Jets get Tebow and a 2012 seventh-round pick. The Broncos get 2012 fourth and sixth-round picks. The holdup was a $5 million bonus payment. The Broncos and Jets have decided to split it down the middle, so the Jets owe the Broncos $2.5 million. Bringing Tebow-mania to Broadway should make up for it by morning.

So long, Tebow-mania. It’s been something else.

Here’s my reaction to the trade when the news first broke Wednesday morning.

I will be back with more coverage of this story later.