Report: Foxworth is new NFLPA president

Former Ravens cornerback Domonique Foxworth has been elected NFL Players Association president, according to the Sports Business Journal, and he is the perfect player for that role.

Foxworth, 28, is smart and outspoken. He's a strong leader who played a key role in the negotiations that ended last year's lockout.

It is believed that Foxworth beat out Jeff Saturday to become the new president. He replaces Kevin Mawae.

"I've kind of fallen in love with the leadership role of defending and representing players," Foxworth told the Baltimore Sun in 2009.

Foxworth graduated from the University of Maryland in 3.5 years with a degree in American studies. He is also the kind of player who kept the car that he bought from his rookie deal and spent his money on collecting civil rights memorabilia.

"When I get the opportunity, I'm not going to shy away from sharing my opinion," Foxworth said. "I never have, no matter how unpopular, because there are people who need to be spoken for who can't speak. ... I know I kind of get put in a box as 'the smart athlete' everywhere I go, but I'm nowhere near the smartest or the most well-rounded guy on the team. I just speak out about this kind of stuff."

Foxworth, who was cut by the Ravens this offseason, is expected to retire. He has only played two games in the past two seasons because of a right knee injury.

His biggest contribution was his role in ending the lockout last year. While he joked that he was the "eye candy" of the executive committee, he was the one who broke the news to the owners that the union had set up a secret insurance fund, which might have been the breakthrough moment in talks.

Foxworth's election to NFLPA president might not be his last. He could eventually end up as the NFLPA's executive director.