Billick: Parcells not good fit for Saints

PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Former NFL coach and current television analyst Brian Billick was critical about the possibility of Bill Parcells taking over as interim head coach of the Saints.

On his Twitter account, Billick referred to the possibility as a “lose/lose situation for both. Strange."

When asked why he referred to it as a losing situation, Billick tweeted “For Parcells? Would just be a 1-year puppet. For Payton? Winning proves Saints don’t need him and his $7M salary."

I understand Billick’s perspective. But I disagree with it. I think letting Parcells take over while Payton is suspended for a year might be the best possible situation for the Saints. They could keep offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael and an efficient offensive system in place. Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo has experience as a head coach, but is new to the Saints and doesn’t know their personnel yet. Bringing in Parcells would allow Carmichael to do what he does best and give Spagnuolo time to focus solely on the defense.

Would showing that the Saints can win without him be a bad thing for Payton? I’m not so sure about that. I think he simply wants the team he built to continue to succeed, and letting Parcells take over his office and wear his whistle might be the best way to assure the Saints continue to thrive.

And what about Parcells’ perspective? Well, we have no idea if he’d be interested in a return to coaching. Payton is Parcells’ mentor and friend. Would taking over the Saints for a year make Parcells a puppet?

Just my opinion, but I have a hard time seeing Parcells being a puppet for anyone.