Schefter likes the Cowboys to win East

Oh yeah, it's way too early. And Adam Schefter knows this and writes as much when asked in his latest mailbag who he likes to win the NFC East. But if he had to pick someone now, Adam says he'd take the Cowboys:

I honestly believe that any team in the NFC East can win that division, Clarence. Even the last-place Washington Redskins swept the Super Bowl champion Giants last season. I like the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo more than most; I think Dallas is dangerous. You know the Eagles and the Giants will be good; they usually are. If I'm picking one team in that division today, think I'd go with the Cowboys. But I also wouldn't be surprised to see any of the other three win it.

I'm with Adam on Romo, but I'm not going to be sold on the Cowboys until we see how the offensive line comes together and what looks new, different and better on defense since last year's December collapse. The Cowboys have done a lot of good work in free agency and seem to have a sense of what their needs are and how they want to address them. But while they only missed the division title by one game in 2011, there's reason to believe each one of the division's teams will be better than it was during the 2011 regular season (an important distinction, since it's hard to be better than the Giants were in the postseason), and Adam's got more guts than I do if he's able to make a pick right now.