New unis: No major changes for AFC North

I waited an hour to see the unveiling of the new Nike NFL uniforms and -- swoosh! -- no major changes for the AFC North teams.

The Steelers and Browns still have their iconic looks. The Bengals still have those six black stripes that have been on their helmet since 1981. And the Ravens still have the same purple and black color combination that's been with the team since its first game 16 years ago.

No Oregon-like uniform makeover. No new-look bird head for the Ravens or reappearance of brownie elf for Cleveland.

From my viewpoint, the new uniforms sure look a lot like the old ones. Click on the team names to see the uniforms from every imaginable angle for the Bengals, Browns, Ravens and Steelers. (Note: Due to Nike server issues, these links are temporarily unavailable.)

That's why I reached out to the Twitter followers of the AFC North blog, and here are some of the subtle differences noticed:


  • "The stripe on the Bengals' pant now curves more onto the front of the knee. Amateurish look." (@timfo)

  • "the collar on the black Bengals jersey was solid orange with Reebok. Now it's Orange and Black." (@CoachKirk40)


  • "Only thing I noticed about the Browns is the white stripe on the helmet seems to be wider." (@msmouse14)

  • "Kind of looks like Browns' front jersey number is larger." (@JimRudloff)


  • "Looks like the Ravens are flat purple instead of shiny. I like that" (@Ralph_Bighead)

  • "Ravens jersey no longer has an all-black neck collar." (@bonckwitit)


  • "Arm stripes look thinner with black ends" (@stevembk)

  • Nope we all knew the Steelers wouldn't change. We're just great like that ..." (@bpmorrin21)

So, are we missing anything here?