New unis: Not much new in AFC South

The Houston Texans' new uniforms, modeled by receiver Andre Johnson, aren't much different than before. Joe Faroni/ESPN

Nike did its best to make a splash (or should we say swoosh?) with Tuesday’s uniform announcement. But as far as the AFC South is concerned, what you saw in 2011 will pretty much be what you’ll see in 2012.

All four teams are keeping their traditional looks. The only real noteworthy change, which is more performance than cosmetic, is Nike’s new “flywire” technology in the neckline, designed to provide a lockdown fit over the shoulder pads.

So, despite the many bells and whistles that accompanied Tuesday’s proceedings, it appears Nike was more concerned with improving quality across the board than shocking the football world with drastic new designs.

Here’s a look at each AFC South team:

Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars

Tennessee Titans