Kurt Warner: Saints game not unusual

At a time when the New Orleans Saints seem to be getting attacked from all angles, they have at least one prominent person defending them.

Retired NFL quarterback Kurt Warner, who was one of four players listed in the NFL report as having a bounty placed upon them for injury, said he didn’t see the Saints do anything wrong in a playoff game with the Arizona Cardinals in the 2009 season. Warner was just interviewed on NFL Network and admitted the game was physical.

“I don’t recall anything in that game over the top or out of the ordinary,’’ Warner said.

Warner said he did have a sense that he might have been a target in some other games during his career, but said that game against the Saints wasn’t one of them.

But Warner did admit he’s been disturbed as more details emerge about the Saints’ bounty program. Warner said the intent to injure opponents is what takes the Saints’ situation beyond a sport that is physical by its nature.

“I think that’s where the whole thing crosses the line,’’ Warner said.

Warner said he understands why NFL commissioner Roger Goodell issued such harsh penalties against the Saints. He said Goodell was drawing a clear line for all 32 teams.

“Don’t go beyond that because I think this is where our game, to some degree, has gotten out of hand,’’ Warner said.