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Prior to Thursday morning, I had never heard of Sean Pamphilon. Now, we all have heard a lot about the filmmaker, who released tapes of former New Orleans defensive coordinator Gregg Williams speaking to his team the night before last season’s playoff loss to San Francisco.

In the tapes, Williams urges the defensive players to injure several San Francisco players. We shared a statement from Pamphilon earlier, explaining why he decided to release the tapes.

On his blog, Pamphilon further explained his decision.

“Was it because I don’t go to games with a painted face and scream obscenities at underperforming players in front of young children?’’ Pamphilon wrote. “Or because I haven’t paid-for-autographed Fathead’s of my favorite ballers to stick on the wall in my home office?

“Or was it because I have friends I love dearly who played the game and got their “bell rung” so many times that I fear they won’t remember their children’s faces by the time their kids have kids? Yep, I’m pretty sure the last one was the reason I wasn’t smiling.’’

Pamphilon went out of his way to put all the blame on Williams.

“It’s a coward’s play to send someone off to do your malicious bidding,’’ Pamphilon wrote. He went on to say Williams “was ordering his players to maim in as many ways possible. Plain and simple.''

Pamphilon called Williams a “puppet master’’ and said he doesn’t see the players as being at fault.

“Anyone who blames the players for this behavior is clearly missing the point,’’ Pamphilon wrote. "Yes, the players could have said, ‘no’, but Americans play “follow the leader” and these men have families to feed and many dudes willing to come off the street to sacrifice their body for team and do it for less. The fact is the majority of men who play in the NFL are paid league minimum, with non-guaranteed contracts. How do these–mostly 20-something-year-old–men make a stand in this situation fraught with enormous peer pressure?’’