Beware of what we don't (and can't) know

There is buzz. There are small nuggets.

But as we try to predict what the teams of the AFC South will do in the NFL draft at the end of the month, let’s remember this: There are a lot of people with minimal or no track records involved in the process, and those people as much as anyone have the ability to keep their scouts quiet.

The Texans are the same as they’ve been.

The Jaguars aren’t vastly different, though new owner Shad Khan could be of some influence in the overall thinking.

The Titans have a new general manager. While Ruston Webster was very influential in last year’s great haul as Mike Reinfeldt’s right-hand man, this is the first draft where he’s running the show and making the final call.

The Colts have a new general manager, and Ryan Grigson is younger and less experienced than Webster, and we have very little actual idea of how exactly he will run a draft room and ultimately make decisions.

I don't think either guy is going to spend a lot of time serving up information, or misinformation, as they complete preparations. So the search for real signals can be even more difficult.

We know Houston GM Rick Smith likes to take tight ends. We know Jacksonville GM Gene Smith likes to mine small schools.

What we don’t know about Webster and Grigson limits our ability to make educated guesses about what they will do. But it sure adds intrigue to what will unfold.