Hold your applause for Cowboys' third-round pick

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley
NEW YORK -- I'm loving the ESPN cam in the Cowboys' draft room. We haven't been able to utilize it much, but when the Cowboys took Western Illinois outside linebacker Jason Williams, head coach Wade Phillips started clapping. I couldn't quite read his lips, but he seemed to be saying, "We fooled 'em all!"

All I know is Scouts Inc. had Williams ranked as the 24th best outside linebacker in the draft -- and he wasn't even listed in the overall rankings. And those things go about 250 players deep. One scout just told me that Williams is a much better athlete than a football player. He's an amazing workout guy who can run a 4.5. The Cowboys think he'll be a beast on special teams, and they loved the fact that he forced six fumbles in his final season at Western Illinois. But does this look like a reach? Absolutely!