Cam Newton a 'Madden 13' finalist

This may not be news that a lot of Carolina Panthers fans want to hear. But quarterback Cam Newton has made it all the way to the final round of the Madden 13 Cover Vote.

Newton is up against Detroit receiver Calvin Johnson and the winner will be announced April 25.

I know there’s apprehension about seeing Newton on the cover of the popular video game. That all stems from the alleged “Madden Curse’’. There’s obviously a precedent that some guys who have been on the cover have been injured or had bad seasons. But this hasn’t applied to everyone that’s been on the cover.

I say Carolina fans should embrace the fact Newton is up for this honor. It’s a sign of how far the franchise has come in recent years. Newton is the reason Carolina will play two prime-time games in 2012.

Like it or not, Newton’s ability and personality automatically make him a drawing card. You can vote for him or not, but be ready to see him on the cover because it probably will happen.