Schiano: Bucs want to keep Talib

Tampa Bay coach Greg Schiano came out Wednesday afternoon and emphatically said he expects Aqib Talib to stay on the roster.

“I want him to be a Buc,’’ Schiano said. “I understand there's been issues before I arrived. I'm not naive to that. And I understand that some of those are a heck of a lot bigger than playing football. But I am really hopeful that that clears itself up. Since I met him for the first time, he's done everything I've asked. He's practiced well and he's prepared well. I try not to judge people other than (by) how they treat me, and he's treated me well."

That came after a media report earlier in the day that the Bucs had been shopping Talib for a trade.

But the Bucs ultimately might not be the ones who decide if Talib plays for them this season. Talib has a June 25 trial scheduled for an aggravated assault charge in Texas. He could face prison time. Even if he doesn’t, it remains possible the NFL could suspend him for violating its personal-conduct policy. That uncertainty makes it highly unlikely any other team would want to give up anything in a trade for Talib right now.