Vikings stadium: Back in business

Friday evening, @EricSalonen tweeted our way: Hmmm ... one visit from Goodell, and things get moving. Next up for the Commish is everlasting peace in the Middle East.

I'm not sure if NFL commissioner Roger Goodell should quit his day job just yet, but it appears his visit to the Minnesota state capitol provided sufficient motivation to jump-start the Minnesota Vikings' stadium bill. Late Friday afternoon, a state Senate committee approved the bill for further consideration and efforts were underway to revive it in the state House.

Perhaps most important, the state's top legislator said he expects the bill to be put to a vote on the floor of both the Senate and House before the legislature recesses at the end of April. House Speaker Kurt Zellers told KFAN-1130 that the vote will occur "so long as people are good for their word."

That doesn't mean it will pass, but it's a much better outlook from the Vikings perspective than even 24 hours ago, when there were fears that a 10-plus year effort had died in a committee. The bill has several committee stops in both houses remaning before it can receive a floor vote. But it's instructive how quickly state leaders jumped once the NFL made clear how seriously it takes this issue. Perhaps all it took was a one-day crisis. Now, about those Middle East peace talks….