Blogger Mock Draft: Rams select Blackmon

What's going on: Our eight divisional bloggers are participating in an ongoing mock draft Monday. Each blogger can make selections or trade picks for the four teams in his division.

The latest: I just selected Oklahoma State receiver Justin Blackmon for the St. Louis Rams with the sixth overall choice.

My rationale: The Rams need a No. 1 receiver. Blackmon is widely considered to be the best receiver in the draft. Matt Kalil, Trent Richardson and Morris Claiborne were not available. I considered drafting a defensive tackle, but none of the available ones seemed more appealing than Blackmon. Notre Dame receiver Michael Floyd was a consideration with this selection as well. However, making an off-the-wall selection at No. 6 would have risked sending the mock into turmoil unnecessarily and unrealistically. The choice was going to be Richardson, Claiborne or Blackmon. Blackmon was the only one of the three still available in this mock. He was the logical choice under the circumstances.

Trade considerations: I received no trade offers for the sixth overall choice.

What's next for the NFC West: The Seattle Seahawks are scheduled to select with the 12th overall choice. I've made it clear to the other bloggers that Seattle would like to deal this choice. A deal will go down before I'm on the clock for Seattle. Preliminary discussions with the AFC East's James Walker and the AFC West's Bill Williamson point to New England and San Diego as suitors for this pick. Williamson has Melvin Ingram in mind for the Chargers. Walker appears to be the aggressor in trade talks to this point, though.