Mel's final mock: He makes my trade!

Mel Kiper's final mock draft is out, and I cannot contain my excitement. Mel has broken his longstanding rule about not predicting trades in mock drafts, and he has put a trade into his projections. What's exciting for me is that it's the same trade I made on behalf of the Philadelphia Eagles in Monday's blogger mock -- a deal with Jacksonville to move up to No. 7 and draft Mississippi State defensive tackle Fletcher Cox.

I do not believe Mel stole this idea, because I believe he was probably doing something other than following the blogger mock draft on Monday afternoon. But the fact that he's thought of it too is, for me, validation. The unquestioned high point of my mock drafting career. I may retire on top now -- never do a mock draft again. Pull an Elway. Or a La Russa.

Anyway, as to the feasibility of this idea, I think it's totally realistic. They may have to give up more than I did in my mock deal with Kuharsky, since I was able to pull it off without surrendering either of the Eagles' two second-round picks. But they have the ammunition to do it, because they have 10 draft picks now following the Asante Samuel trade. Cox would be a fantastic pick for them, and if they've decided to make him a priority, it wouldn't be a surprise to see them move up to make sure they get him. I did, however, have someone tell me this week, when I raised this possibility, that "the Eagles might have to move up higher than No. 7" to get Cox.

Anyway, the rest of Mel's first round, as it pertains to the NFC East, has the Redskins of course taking Robert Griffin III at No. 2, the Cowboys taking Alabama safety Mark Barron at No. 14 and the Giants taking Mississippi tackle Bobby Massie at No. 32.