You called it: 2012 NFL draft predictions

Thank you, Facebook friend Chris Staser, for pointing me toward an "NFC WEST BLOG" group in the ESPN Draft Forecaster competition.

Some of our blog regulars -- RedRumRBS, DiLune2, joe_cool585 and others -- are already signed up.

Let's pump up the numbers in this group and use the results to crown an NFC West blog mock draft champion for 2012. My entry drew largely from our ESPN Blogger Mock, with a few modifications.

For now, I've got Justin Blackmon (St. Louis), Chandler Jones (Seattle), Riley Reiff (Arizona) and Janoris Jenkins (San Francisco) as seemingly logical but likely incorrect projections for NFC West teams.

Remember, there would be 263,130,836,933,693,530,167,218,012,160,000,000 possible combinations for the first 32 choices even if we knew which 32 players would be drafted first. We do not know the first 32, which means that number -- 263 decillion and change -- fails to fully reflect the impossibility of guessing all the picks correctly (even though we know the first two choices).

Have fun. Glory awaits our winner.