Steelers draft David DeCastro at No. 24

The Pittsburgh Steelers needed a guard, and the best one in the draft was sitting there at No. 24.

It looks like the Steelers' strong run in the first round will continue after they selected Stanford's David DeCastro. This was either a case of good fortune or the fact that teams don't value guards.

No one predicted DeCastro to the Steelers because he wasn't expected to make it out of the top 20. DeCastro had to slide past four teams -- the Kansas City Chiefs (No. 11), the Arizona Cardinals (No. 13), the New York Jets (No. 16) and the Cincinnati Bengals (No. 17) -- to get to the Steelers. He will likely replace Doug Legursky as the starter at left guard.

DeCastro is a big, physical and nasty offensive lineman who turns a mediocre offensive line into a stronger one.