49ers find first-rounder behind Door No. 1

The excitement Rutgers receiver Mohamed Sanu felt turned to disappointment upon learning the draft-day call from the Cincinnati Bengals had actually been a prank.

We can therefore forgive another college receiver, Illinois' A.J. Jenkins, for reacting with skepticism when his cousin told him the San Francisco 49ers were on the line Thursday night -- not long after that same cousin had tricked him.

"My cousin previously had called me in the middle of the first round and I thought it was a team," Jenkins told reporters Friday, one day after the 49ers made him their first-round selection. "So, I answered the phone, but it was my cousin. He was playing a game on me. And then I set my phone back down and I went to the bathroom and San Fran had called me.

"So, I guess this time he was serious. The boy who cried wolf I guess, so I didn't really believe him. So, I'm in the bathroom still and he kicked the door down, like literally on the floor. And he threw me the phone. So, that is probably going to be my first present to buy my mom -- a new bathroom door. That'll be the first one."

Not bad, as draft stories go. The St. Louis Rams are on the clock atop the second round. Back in a bit. Just wanted to pass along that anecdote from Jenkins.