No joke: Sanu gets picked by Bengals

This will go down as the feel-good story of the draft in the AFC North: Rutgers wide receiver Mohamed Sanu was taken by the Bengals in the third round, about 24 hours after a prank led him to believe he was taken by Cincinnati in the first round.

While Sanu would've preferred not to be a victim of a practical joke, he couldn't have asked for a better situation. He will get a chance to become the No. 2 wide receiver for a team that went to the playoffs.

Sanu is a good compliment to A.J. Green. He is a competitive receiver with size who isn't afraid to go across the middle. Perhaps the biggest plus is his route running, which was a weak spot among the Bengals' wide receiver group last season.

He finished as the Big East's all-time leader in receptions with 210. Last season, Sanu caught 115 passes for 1,206 yards and seven touchdowns for Rutgers.

It had to be a moment of celebration as well as disbelief for Sanu. You know Sanu had to wonder if it was really the Bengals calling him this time.

In the end, Sanu ended this night with a smile.