Draft breakdowns for your downloading pleasure

Posted by ESPN.com's Mike Sando

The Cardinals and Seahawks did not draft a defensive tackle. OK. Possibly interesting.

But what does it mean without knowing that 14 other teams also did not select one, and that no team drafted more than one in the first three rounds?

Or that nine of the 21 drafted defensive tackles landed with four teams. And wouldn't we want to know the identities of those teams? I would.

That's why I've gone through every pick for every team to double-check information, making a few fixes along the way in preparation to unveil for download my 2009 NFL draft breakdowns.

This file puts information for all teams and all draft choices in your hands for use as you desire.

  • The first sheet lets you sort each of the 256 selections by round, pick, team, player, specific position, general position, college and college conference. You can also sort by where picks originated in trades, although I entered that information on the fly and am not relying upon it for analysis.

Also on the first sheet, you can unhide columns showing how much each pick was worth on the draft value chart. Simply select surrounding columns, right-click on them and unhide them. I made them invisible because that information is less useful after the draft, and potentially distracting.

  • The second sheet, titled "Summaries," is my favorite one. It features 205 columns of information for each team in the league. Want to know which team had the highest percentage of its picks among the lowest 50 overall choices? Sort column M in descending order for the answer (Seahawks .429, Chiefs and Cardinals .375). Want to know which teams didn't draft cornerbacks? There were five of them, including the Seahawks and 49ers. Ken Lucas, anyone?

  • The third sheet takes some of the information from the second sheet -- how many players were drafted from each college, overall and by round -- and makes it easier to process. Ninety-two of the 256 choices came from 15 colleges. Western Michigan had more players chosen (2) than Notre Dame (1).

  • The fourth and final sheet breaks down selections by conference for each team. The Seahawks and Rams failed to take a player from the SEC. The 49ers and Cardinals combined to take five players from the conference. The Vikings took four.

I hope you enjoy this file. It's fun stuff to track (fun for me, anyway) and more fun to share. If you have additional ideas or find something that needs tweaking, please let me know.

Oh, almost forgot. The four teams that took all those defensive tackles: Patriots 3, Steelers 2, Falcons 2, Colts 2.