Manning's effect on Brock Osweiler

ESPN's Tedy Bruschi brought up a good point during the NFL draft on Saturday.

Bruschi said we shouldn’t expect Peyton Manning to be a mentor to Brock Osweiler right away. Denver signed Manning in March and drafted Osweiler with the No. 57 pick.

One of the benefits of drafting Osweiler is that he can sit and learn from Manning for the next three years or so without having to play. But Bruschi said Manning shouldn’t play the mentor role to Osweiler because he has more pressing concerns. Manning's chief priority will be to learn the offense and win games in Denver. Mentoring a young quarterback will not and shouldn’t be high on Manning’s to-do list, Bruschi said.

I agree.

Manning is in Denver to win, not baby-sit.

However, I think the Manning-Osweiler relationship can grow and Osweiler can learn from Manning without Manning putting too much effort in it or making Osweiler’s development a priority.

Osweiler can learn from Manning from simply watching him. During an interview with ESPN on Saturday, Osweiler said he is planning on buying a huge notebook. He wants to jot down Manning’s every move. That’s perfect.

Just by being Peyton Manning, Manning can help Osweiler grow.