Browns' McCoy continues to take high road

You can say Colt McCoy isn't a franchise quarterback. You can say McCoy doesn't have the accuracy or arm strength to succeed at this level.

But you can't say anything negative about McCoy's attitude. He remains a class act at a time when others might not be.

McCoy attended the Browns' voluntary offseason conditioning program just days after the team drafted a quarterback to replace him, according to the Associated Press.

There are other players in the league who are skipping these workouts even though they will be getting paid millions of dollars under the franchise tag. McCoy is participating in these voluntary sessions even though his job was essentially handed to Brandon Weeden, the 22nd overall pick of the draft.

This is why I believe McCoy would be fine with being the Browns' backup this season. I can see McCoy and Weeden coexisting as teammates, and team president Mike Holmgren feels the same way. "Of course he wants to play, they all want to play," Holmgren said of McCoy. "Again, nothing has been done yet, we don’t know how it is going to sort itself out. But, if that were to be the case, at some point, I think we have the best chance of making that work because of who the people are."

It's been a rough four months for McCoy ever since he suffered a season-ending head injury from James Harrison's hit. He got a vote of no confidence in March when Holmgren told season-ticket holders that the Browns were aggressively trying to trade up for quarterback Robert Griffin III in the draft.

The Browns tried to smooth things over by putting their support behind McCoy. Team officials even told ESPN's Bob Holtzman before the draft they expected McCoy to take "a big leap forward" in 2012. Then, the Browns selected Weeden in the first round and didn't rule out the possibility of trading McCoy.

But McCoy was at the team facility this week just like he was last week. In his first full season as the Browns' starter, McCoy proved he could take a hit. This week, McCoy proved his mental toughness by taking another blow and getting right back up.