Titans' draft class not just athletes

Since the Titans added seven players in the draft, I’ve said several times that I am a bit scared of their leanings toward potential over production, or the weight of athleticism in several of the selections.

But it’s important to note that of the seven players, that “complaint” centers on less than half the class.

Second round outside linebacker Zach Brown brings some questions about being more of an athlete than a football player. Fourth-round cornerback Coty Sensabaugh is an excellent athlete with great speed. Fifth-round tight end Taylor Thompson is a big-time athlete who didn’t play tight end in college.

(“You may say there are some more productive,” GM Ruston Webster said of Brown, “but few are more talented.”)

Perhaps those perceptions from draft analysts are off.

Perhaps three Titans assistants -- linebacker coach Frank Bush, secondary coach Brett Maxie and tight ends coach John Zernhelt -- will coach that trio up, and they will pan out in just the way the team imagines.

Perhaps we’ll rave about how their athleticism benefits the team.

It’s also worth noting that the rest of the class, led by receiver Kendall Wright, appears to be composed of guys who qualify, without question, as football players.