Vikings stadium: Senate wants $25M more

I'm keeping an eye on the Minnesota Senate's debate over its version of the Minnesota Vikings stadium bill, and the first few hours was notable for one key amendment.

The Senate joined the House of Representatives in increasing the Vikings' portion of the $975 million project, but at a much lower total than the House. The Senate bill transfers only $25 million from the state obligation to the Vikings, putting the Vikings' portion at $452 million.

The House version, passed Monday, increased the Vikings' total by $105 million. In essence, the Senate has set the parameters of a reasonable final negotiation if its bill passes and gets sent to a conference committee, where it would be reconciled with the House version.

The Vikings are on record saying they won't pay $105 million more, but that doesn't mean they can't be squeezed for something more than their original commitment. More to come.