Kenny Britt talks rehab progress, Wright

Find me a player in the league recovering from injury who’s saying he’s behind schedule or had concerns, and I’ll provide you with a reward.

Titans receiver Kenny Britt is recovering from a torn ACL. He and the team are optimistic he will be ready for opening day. All we can do is take their word for it and hope it's true.

In an appearance on The Wake Up Zone on Nashville radio this morning, he assessed where he currently stands. (Full disclosure: I work for the same radio station.)

“I’m out there running, mostly at full speed, cutting, running around,” Britt said. “The knee’s still swollen, but that comes with the territory and we’ve got three months before I get back on the field.”

Britt said he feels like the rehab is never-ending, and that it’s difficult to watch his teammates head out for work on the field that he can’t join.

The first two weeks after he had surgery following the Sept. 25th injury scared Britt, he said. Trainers wanted him to bend the knee at least 115 degrees. And he wasn’t able to go past 80.

“That worried me,” he said. “It was tough progress. Now we’re going downhill, and I am happy about that. Cutting and acceleration and things like that, they’re doing all right … Hopefully I will be back and ready to go.”

Tennessee drafted Baylor receiver Kendall Wright 20th overall, and his presence will help assure that Britt doesn’t have to try to do more than he should, sooner than he should.

Britt is a big fan of his new teammate.

“He’s running his routes,” Britt said. “I love how he separates and everything. We’ve got guys who can’t do it, some guys that could do it, but what he brings to the table is routes. There are a lot of guys out there that can’t cover his routes.”

As for some dumb stuff Britt’s done that landed him in off-field trouble, he sounded like a guy who’s maturing and will be staying out of headlines for things not involving football.

“I don’t want to waste my talent,” he said.