About those vitally important rookie camps

TheFault17 makes a welcome point after reading about Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson making a positive impression during rookie minicamps over the weekend.

"A third-round QB looks good against other rookies and undrafted players? Who would have thunk it?" he writes. "Not hating on Wilson at all, but there's way too much stock put in rookie minicamps. Is it September yet?"

It's definitely not September, but it's never too early for keeping things in their proper perspective.

A year ago, the NFL lockout led teams to cancel offseason camps entirely.

That did not stop Patrick Peterson from scoring four touchdowns on punt returns for the Arizona Cardinals. It did not stop Aldon Smith from leading the San Francisco 49ers in sacks with 14. It did not prevent mid-round picks K.J. Wright and Richard Sherman from becoming solid starters for the Seattle Seahawks.

Bruce Miller, a seventh-round pick from Central Florida, became the 49ers' starting fullback despite playing defensive end in college. Then there was undrafted free agent Doug Baldwin, who led the Seahawks in receiving.

Perhaps these rookies would have enjoyed even greater success with some additional on-field prep time in the spring. This year, I'll be interested in revisiting some of the rookie camp storylines to see which ones, if any, proved helpful.