Update on the roof collapse, quick note on Orakpo

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

Beginning at 5 p.m. ET on Saturday, I was supposed to visit with Redskins defensive end Brian Orakpo and Eagles first-round pick Jeremy Maclin. Of course, we called those interviews off when news broke of the Cowboys' practice bubble collapsing in Irving. As a quick update, practices at Valley Ranch were called off today. The rookies and other selected players were scheduled to meet with coaches this afternoon before returning to their respective campuses or homes.

The Redskins were gracious enough to re-schedule Orakpo for 2 p.m. ET today and I'll be visiting with Maclin at some point this week. In Dallas, you can't go anywhere without people talking about the roof collapse. At church this morning, lots of prayers were going out to people affected by the situation.

Here's what I know on the injuries: Special teams coach Joe DeCamillis was set to undergo surgery for two broken verterbrae, but the prognosis is good. Cowboys assistant scout Rich Behm underwent surgery on his spinal cord late last night at Parkland Memorial Hospital and I'm not sure about his condition. I'm told that head coach Wade Phillips and owner Jerry Jones were both with Behm's family at the hospital Saturday night. From what I've been told, Behm certainly has the most serious injury of the 12 people who received treatment following the collapse. We'll keep you updated throughout the afternoon.