Zorn talks to players about Cowboys' roof collapse

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

One of the league's most intense rivalries didn't prevent Redskins coach Jim Zorn from addressing the roof collapse that occurred at the Cowboys' practice facility Saturday. After the Redskins' final minicamp session Sunday, Zorn spoke with reporters about what he told his team:

"I asked our guys, 'If you're a praying man, really remember those guys.' What a tragedy that is. How unpredictable that must be. Fortunately, they didn't have 115 guys in that bubble at that time because there might have been a lot more injuries. So we're thankful that there were very few."

If this had been a full-roster minicamp, there would've been somewhere in the neighborhood of 125 people in the building. I've watched a lot of the video and it's still remarkable there weren't more injuries. And to echo Zorn, a great guy named Rich Behm who works in the club's scouting department could really use your prayers right now. He underwent spinal cord surgery late last night at Parkland Memorial Hospital and a lot of folks are pulling for him.