Sad news in Dallas

Posted by ESPN.com Matt Mosley

Cowboys scouting assistant Rich Behm suffered permanent paralysis from the waist down in the collapse of the team's practice facility Saturday.

The team released this statement:

"To the Behm family we extend our love, comfort, and the full support of every person and resource within the organization," Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said. "Rich is a courageous member of our family and someone for whom we care deeply. We ask for all friends and fans of the Dallas Cowboys to join us in embracing him and his family with their thoughts and prayers at this very difficult time."

I've known Rich and his brother, Chris, since I started covering the Cowboys in 2003. Rich, 33, was a vital part of the team's videography department before recently becoming a scouting assistant. He put his video skills to work in splicing film of college players across the nation and played a valuable role in preparing for the '09 draft. He and Chris, who works in the club's TV department, are constantly at Valley Ranch. They might as well be on the rosters because players such as Terence Newman and Romo hung out with them all the time. In fact, Romo was one of the first players to show up at the hospital Sunday.

This is obviously a huge shock to the Behm family, but I've been told that Rich is already showing a remarkable amount of optimism in his Dallas hospital room. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and head coach Wade Phillips were seen in the waiting room late Saturday night and Jones returned Sunday morning.

Behm is father of two boys (8 and 6) and a baby girl. It's unfathomable that he could've arrived at work Saturday morning just like so many other days and had his life altered forever. Every time I pass him in the halls of Valley Ranch, he always has a quip ready about something ridiculous I've written or said on the radio. I know it will be a long haul, but I'm looking forward to seeing him back on the job.