Breaking down Connor Barth's contract

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers continued their trend of not tying up salary-cap space for future years with signing bonuses when kicker Connor Barth signed a four-year deal Thursday.

According to contract details obtained by ESPN.com, Barth instead will get a $3 million roster bonus this year. He also is scheduled to earn $1.45 million in base salary in 2012. His salary-cap figure for this year will be $4.45 million.

Barth will earn an average of $3.3 million each season over the course of the contract, and $4 million of his money is guaranteed.

In 2013, Barth’s salary rises to $2.3 million, but that also will be his salary-cap figure because there is no pro-rated cost of a signing bonus. That will stay the same in the final two years of Barth’s contract. In 2014, he’s scheduled to earn $3.15 million. In 2015, Barth’s salary rises to $3.3 million.