You can't be surprised, can you?

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
We've experienced a good bit of Favre Backlash since the pseudo-retired quarterback sought and received his release from the New York Jets' reserve/retired list last week. Irritated Guy of New York prefaced his mailbag note with this message: "For GOD'S SAKES, can you STOP with the Favre stuff? There is NO news to report right now."

I understood at the time, but as of late Tuesday afternoon, Irritated Guy's point is moot. According to ESPN's Ed Werder, Favre and Minnesota coach Brad Childress will meet later this week to discuss the possibility of Favre un-retiring for the second consecutive year and signing with the Vikings.

(Werder reports they will meet at an undisclosed location. I'm based in the Twin Cities, so I'll be checking under every ice fishing house for signs of Brett and the Chilldog.)

This step has seemed so inevitable and yet it's jarring at the same time. We've all had our fun about Favre's pathological waffling and his year-old desire to play for the Vikings. And we've noted Minnesota's less-than-ideal quarterback arrangement, maybe once or twice. But things are happening pretty quickly.

To review:

  • The Jets released Favre on April 27, two days after drafting USC quarterback Mark Sanchez.

  • Four days after that, Childress said the team had not started detailed internal discussions, but that they would come soon.

  • Four days later, Werder's story broke.

There's no doubt in my mind that Childress, offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, owner Zygi Wilf and others want Favre to come aboard. My educated guess is that Childress would strongly prefer Favre to participate in a part of the Vikings' offseason program, something I doubt Favre is interested in. Would that be a deal-breaker? I'm guessing that's part of what this week's meeting will encompass: Childress laying down a few organizational ground rules for a player who enjoyed his share of coddling over the years.

I'll be back shortly with a post about another key issue here: The health of Favre's right arm.