Browns' Fujita: I don't regret anything

BEREA, Ohio -- Browns linebacker Scott Fujita sidestepped most questions about his role in the Saints bounty scandal and the release of the Gregg Williams audio tape. But he did reveal one thing: he wouldn't do anything differently.

"I don’t have any regrets for anything I’ve ever done," Fujita said Tuesday. "You look back and say things in meetings, occasionally, and again, pre-game hype speech and bravado. It’s all kind of funny the next day and you laugh about it. I don’t regret anything. It’s part of your growth as a man and a football player."

There was little insight beyond that. He declined to address the long narrative by filmmaker Sean Pamphilon, who suggested Fujita and Drew Brees basically abandoned him after initially supporting, and later essentially, encouraging his desire to publicly release the audio. Fujita used the response that it was a "personal" matter five times in the interview.

"A lot of those things are personal matters and I’m going to leave it at that," Fujita said. "Sean Pamphilon is a very good filmmaker who absolutely wants to affect positive change when it comes to health and safety in this game. I absolutely respect that."

Fujita acknowledged he was present when Williams instructed his players to injure San Francisco 49ers players in their wild-card playoff game last season.

"I’m not proud of the things that were said by Gregg Williams, who at the same time is a man I respect and enjoyed playing for," Fujita said. "There is definitely a conflict with all that. It’s about the culture change. With my position in the union, I’m part of that change."

Fujita, though, has not totally lost his sense of humor through this drama, and shared a joke he told teammates today.

"If my suspension is upheld, maybe I could be a ref for three games," Fujita said, referring to the news that the NFL might hire replacement referees. "I’m not going there. Those guys get it worse than I do."