If there is cap carnage in 2013 ...

A stagnant salary cap could lead to cap carnage next year, writes Steve Wyche of NFL.com.

If Maurice Jones-Drew doesn’t get a new deal now with two years remaining on his contract -- and I don’t believe he will -- imagine the press he will put on next year as he heads into the final season of his current deal?

The idea that a cap crunch could put the squeeze on high-priced guys led me to the NFLPA records for scheduled base salaries in 2013.

We recently wrote about projected cap room.

I’m by no means suggesting these guys will be gone.

But based on who teams drafted and what they're scheduled to pay, here are guys who could suffer from cap strain.

Texans: Defensive end Antonio Smith has been a key player on the team’s defensive front. I can’t see them parting with him, but I didn’t see the Eric Winston move either. Smith is due $6 million and if fourth-rounder Jared Crick pans out quickly, there could be some strain on Smith. Kevin Walter is due $3.5 million in 2013, and after drafting DeVier Posey and Keshawn Martin the team could be ready to move on at receiver.

Jaguars: Linebacker Clint Session got a big contract and missed seven games last year because of a concussion. He throws his body around and has an injury history. It’s hard to keep three linebackers on the field all the time and he’s slated to cost $4.7 million in 2013. They like Russell Allen, who’s far less expensive.

Titans: Chris Johnson’s base salary is slated to be $10 million in 2013. Even if he bounces back for a big 2012 and even if the Titans are in good cap shape in a year, that’s a gigantic number to carry.

Colts: The Colts will be in such good cap shape and have so few expensive veterans, I can’t see anyone who qualifies as a potential victim or restructure.