Palmer: Titans' QB battle makes good copy

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Virtually everyone has a theory on who’s ahead or who should win.

I’ve tried to temper such thinking regarding the Titans’ quarterback battle between Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker.

Why can’t they be even and heading into a real camp competition?

Offensive coordinator Chris Palmer echoed the theme today at the team’s second minicamp practice.

“They’re even," Palmer said. "It’s competition right now."

What does he think of all the theories about who’s ahead and why or who will win and why?

“We’re trying to make your summer easy,” he said. “We’re going to allow you guys to have all these things to write about and then you won’t have to dig up any stories. If you’ve got a slow day and your editor says, ‘Hey, write a story,’ let me guess what you’re going to write about.”

As for the offense in its entirety, Palmer says things are running much better than they were a year ago, when he didn’t have an offseason to install in his first year with the Titans.

“We know who they are,” he said. “A year ago, we didn’t know what Chris Johnson was. We didn’t know what Kenny Britt was. We didn’t know -- was Matt going to adjust from a West Coast quarterback to a vertical passing quarterback?

“All those things we have the answers to now, and now you’re able to do a little more. You look at what Nate Washington did. We only had two or three options for him in a lot of his plays. Now he’s got four or five. You’ve got to give the players credit for adjusting to the new passing game also.”