Favre's ambition: Real but limited

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
If you want more evidence that quarterback Brett Favre might remove "retired" from his title, look no further than this report from ESPN's Ed Werder and Chris Mortensen. (If this, this or this hadn't convinced you before.)

Werder and Mortensen report that Favre has consulted with legendary orthopedist James Andrews to consider options for completing the partial tear of the biceps tendon in his right arm. This non-surgical procedure conceivably would eliminate the pain he has had in his arm since the end of last season.

Another option is a tenotomy, where doctors would surgically complete the tear. But the ESPN report suggests Favre might not be interested in even that mild procedure.

The evidence continues to point to this sequence of events:

  1. Minnesota wants him to play quarterback in 2009.

  2. Favre is considering the possibility.

  3. Favre needs to do something to the tendon to allow him to make it through the year.

  4. Favre isn't interested in some of the options available to him.

My belief is that we're headed toward a long spring and summer of following Favre's ultimate decision and whether it allows him to get back on the field. We're definitely in "itch" territory, but the scratch hasn't happened yet.