Michael Vick 12th on Jaws' QB countdown

We have not mentioned Ron Jaworski's quarterback countdown on this blog yet, because until today it had yet to affect the NFC East. Jaws is counting down his top 30 NFL quarterbacks on SportsCenter, one day at a time, in reverse order. Washington Redskins rookie Robert Griffin III and Colts rookie Andrew Luck are not included in the countdown, so only three from our division are. And it turns out all three are in the top 12.

No. 12 was revealed Friday morning on SportsCenter (you might be able to catch it still on one of the afternoon reruns), and it was Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

Jaws professes his belief that there's no other quarterback in the league with Vick's combination of passing ability and running ability, which is true. His problem with Vick, as he puts it, is "his willingness to run -- to play the position outside the pocket, outside the structure of the offense." He shows a play from the game in Buffalo in which Vick faced no pressure and never set his feet to throw, clearly indicating that he'd already decided, pre-snap, to run the ball. On the play in question, Vick fails to see a wide-open Jason Avant.

Now, I've mentioned a few times that it doesn't look, when you watch from the press box, that Vick is especially good at reading the field and finding open receivers. Perhaps this idea of Jaworski's is part of that -- perhaps he just makes up his mind too quickly.

All of that said, Jaws points out that this is the first full offseason since 2006 that Vick has worked as a starting quarterback, and he believes Vick can become a more disciplined player. "A more disciplined player will result in fewer turnovers," he says. "I would not be surprised if we're getting ready to see the best year of Vick's 10-year career."

I can agree with that. I don't know what kind of year Vick has, or the extent to which he'll be a more disciplined player. But I certainly wouldn't be surprised by anything we see from Vick. We know he's capable of doing things no one else can -- of giving the Eagles a huge matchup advantage at the quarterback position in any given week. The Eagles just need him to do it every week.

And yeah, this means Tony Romo and Eli Manning are in the top 11. And yes, I know their rankings and when their segments roll out. But no, I'm not telling you.