Different Sandusky is voice of Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens' radio play-by-play announcer is Gerry Sandusky. That's "Gerry with a G" Sandusky who is no relation to Jerry Sandusky, the former Penn State football coach who has been found guilty on 45 of 48 counts of child molestation charges.

But one letter has caused a lot of confusion and a lot of nasty tweets to Gerry Sandusky, who has been the voice of the Ravens for the past six seasons.

Gerry Sandusky told the Ravens website that 60 percent of the tweets that he receives are intended for the other Sandusky. “I’ve had many invitations to spend eternity in hell,” Gerry Sandusky said.

While Gerry Sandusky acknowledges his ordeal doesn't compare to those of Jerry Sandusky's victims, this has been an unfortunate situation for the longtime popular Baltimore sportscaster. He has tried his best to avoid any confusion, posting on his Twitter bio that he is no relation to Jerry Sandusky. To his credit, Gerry Sandusky has handled the hate-filled tweets with decorum.

Here is just a sampling of what Sandusky had to endure on Twitter:

Tweet: What is wrong with this world that allows you to tweet. i thought you were in jail?!?

Sandusky: The world has plenty of problems, but tweeting from jail isn't one of them. I'm Gerry with a G. No relation to JS.

Tweet: Can someone explain to me how a man who so brutally raped 10 boys is still allowed to tweet from behind bars?

Sandusky: Explanation I'm Gerry with a G. You're thinking of Jerry with a J. Same last name. Two different people. Not related. Good?

Tweet: My mom didn't raise no idiot. Gerry Sandusky belongs behind bars and his followers deserve the same.

Sandusky: You probably should keep your mom out of this. No reason to make her look bad too.

Tweet: You sir are guilty as well by association.

Sandusky: Wow on a day of really bizarre logic, you may zoom to the lead with that strange sense of pairings.

Sandusky has tried to keep the daily confused tweets in perspective. "I'm glad my dad, John Sandusky, didn't live long enough to endure seeing someone else try to ruin our last name," Sandusky tweeted. "So I'll close this chapter the way I began it. Love you Mom for being smart enough to name me Gerry with a G."