Tim Tebow... on the kickoff team?

We have yet another wrinkle in the Tim Tebow saga.

The New York Jets, who traded for Tebow this offseason, plan to use him as many ways as possible this season. In addition to working Tebow as a punt protector in minicamp, Jets assistant special teams coach Ben Kotwica told the New York Daily News the team also is considering using Tebow on the kickoff team.

"I think there might be some value there on kickoff returns,” Kotwica told the Daily News. "It’s something that we’ve talked about. I don’t think there’s any option with Tim that we’ve taken off the table."

Is this a good idea?

I'm all for the Jets getting the most out of Tebow. Despite criticism of his throwing ability, Tebow is a solid football player who is strong and athletic. But using Tebow on the kickoff team might be going too far.

Many of the NFL's biggest collisions and subsequent concussions take place on kickoff returns. That number decreased last year with the new kickoff rules, but subjecting a backup quarterback to that is risky. Tebow will take enough big hits this year running the ball in the Wildcat offseason. The Jets need to protect him to some degree.

Physically, Tebow probably could get the job done on the kickoff team. But there are plenty of players on the Jets' 53-man roster who can run 60 yards down the field and make a tackle. The Jets should leave that to players who are fighting for roster spots. Tebow has more important roles to worry about.