Holmgren's future uncertain with Browns

Team president Mike Holmgren confirmed owner Randy Lerner is selling controlling interest of the Cleveland Browns to businessman Jimmy Haslam. He confirmed that the Browns aren't moving.

What he couldn't confirm was his future with the team. "That will be answered probably down the road," Holmgren said, "and you control the things you can control and do the best you can. I think we’ve done a lot of great things here in getting to this point, but we will see.”

By the sounds of this comment, Holmgren either knows now that he's out or has been given no guarantee that he's staying from the new owner (which could be a sign that he's out, too). Holmgren told Cleveland reporters that he has yet to speak to Haslam.

Holmgren's two-plus years with the Browns have been disappointing, but cleaning house again would be even more disappointing. It's understandable that a new regime would want its own people in place. The huge amount of money being spent on this transaction certainly gives Haslam the right to do so. Still, one of the reasons for the Browns' perpetual losing has been a lack of continuity. There has never been a long-term vision for the franchise.

If Holmgren is removed as president, this could be his last job in the NFL. He's 64 years old, and teams often want a five-year commitment when hiring.

Asked if he plans on fulfilling his five-year contract with the Browns, Holmgren said, “To me, a contract is a contract. I have said that before and I try to be honest with you about that. We’ll deal with those things as we go down the road. Right now I am the president of the team and that’s how I am operating.”

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