Titans QBs won't know who's first when

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- When Mike Munchak says there will be no predicting how practice work is divided between Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker, the Tennessee Titans coach really means it.

In the Titans' first practice of training camp Saturday, Locker was with the first team at the start of the first seven-on-seven period and Hasselbeck was with the ones in the first full-team period. And Locker was with the ones for the second team period.

Going forward, neither quarterback will know as he heads onto the field when he’ll be with the ones and when he won’t. If he previews the script, he won’t know which part of it will be his to execute.

It might even vary during one practice period -- if there is a 16-play segment that Hasselbeck starts and Locker takes over with the twos, Locker may stay then on the field with the ones for the second piece of the period.

"That’s the best way to run practice right now, rather than some of the other options,” Munchak said.

So the Titans won’t be alternating periods or practices or days in terms of who’s working as No. 1.

Both quarterbacks made some good plays during the team’s first session.

Locker’s first throw in that seven-on-seven was behind a crossing Nate Washington, and wound up in the arms of safety Michael Griffin.

“Yeah, get the bad one out of the way early,” Locker said.

Munchak said he simply flipped his view of the play.

“I’d look at it the other way, great start for Griffin,” he said, grinning. “That’s the beauty of being a head coach, you can kind of jump sides."

Out of the gate, the Titans are using more motions and movement, things they did not do from the start last season with a new staff in place coaching players coming back from a lockout.

Munchak said such things seem easy but are not, and need to be worked on from day one in order for a team to be good at them.