Stephen A. Smith kind of likes Tim Tebow

ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith has been one of Tim Tebow's harshest critics. Smith and "First Take" colleague Skip Bayless have been playing "bad cop" and "good cop" on the Tebow phenomenon for months and months.

But Smith seems to be coming around on Tebow – sort of.

"Up here in the land of nowhere, where all things green and white seem to revolve around a backup quarterback with rock-star appeal, the only thing newsworthy is that Tim Tebow appears to deserve it. His cordiality and decency are beyond comprehension. Apparently, so is the veneer of his soul. So much so that you find yourself wishing he played any position other than quarterback -- simply so he would never have to throw the football. Except, Tim Tebow has had to throw the football. Quite often, as the New York Jets entered their fourth day of training camp. And while doing so -- despite evidence that he knows how to win football games and is clearly in possession of an "it" factor few have been blessed with -- all the former Florida All-American has done is force anyone with two eyes to echo unflattering sentiments in unison, no matter how much it pains them to do so: Tebow simply cannot throw the football.”

Everyone has an opinion Tebow. Mine happen to be more in line with Smith: Tebow is a solid, all-around football player, but you don't want him as your starting quarterback.

There are many who disagree with that assessment. But for now this is Mark Sanchez's team unless he struggles. Then, it could be Tebow time.