Eli Manning jabs Tim Tebow, Jets coverage

CORTLAND, N.Y. -- Two-time Super Bowl champion Eli Manning isn't worried about being the third-most talked about quarterback in New York City.

In fact, Manning is having fun with it. He took turns jabbing at the New York Jets and their immense media coverage this week on The Michael Kay Show.

"Every time you turn on the TV, it's the Jets," Manning said. "'SportsCenter' is just camped out at the Jets’ complex, which I think they’re [ESPN] moving everything from Bristol right there to their complex over there. So that will be an interesting move."

Manning wasn't done. He was in full "Saturday Night Live" mode. Manning also took a playful jab at Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow.

"I told David Carr to take his shirt off while we're running sprints after practice to see if we get the same coverage," Manning said. "I'm not jealous. I'm not looking for extra attention. I'm not looking to do more interviews than I have to or be on TV more than I have to."

Manning and the defending champion Giants have the rings. But Tebow, Mark Sanchez and the Jets clearly have the advantage with summer headlines and media coverage.