No surprise QB David Garrard is ahead

The Miami Dolphins' first depth chart is out, and veteran quarterback David Garrard is first on the chart.

In fact, it would've been a surprise if Garrard weren't first string at this stage of training camp. It's good to know the coaches see in practices what everyone else sees.

Garrard is taking control of Miami's three-way quarterback race. He looks the most in control of the offense. He has played in a West Coast system before, and so far Garrard has proven that he has recovered from a back injury that kept him out all of last season.

Incumbent Matt Moore has looked inconsistent in training camp. Often known as a "gamer," Moore is at his best when the lights are on, but isn't really a practice player. There is good and bad to that. The good is Moore can perform when it counts. The bad is it's hard to win a quarterback battle when your competitor (Garrard) is regularly outperforming you in practice.

Miami rookie head coach Joe Philbin said he wants to make a decision on his starting quarterback by the end of the third preseason game. The games are what matters most. But so far Garrard has the inside track, leaving Moore and rookie Ryan Tannehill playing catch-up with a few weeks to go.