Two thoughts following Titans practice

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Thursday evening thoughts following Titans practice:

Surprising: Mike Munchak said he hasn’t yet spoken to Kenny Britt since the receiver posted an Instagram picture of a fine sheet from the team. He was hit for over $9,000 for missing a session with trainers and popped off about it in what he wrote with the illustration. Munchak is tougher than Jeff Fisher was in terms of sticking to consequences attached to breaking rules. But, with regard to Britt, he’s hardly coming across like the new disciplinarian he pledged himself as when he took over for Fisher in 2011. I didn’t see Britt rehabbing today, but colleagues said it was an especially tough session. That could have been part of new consequences. Given a second chance on this topic, Munchak might have done better to express more than being upset about Britt taking the private matter public. But the coach said there will be no discipline for it. Britt's reponse to the reaction came in another Instagram post.

Not-at-all surprising: Matt Hasselbeck will start Saturday night in Seattle and go 12-15 plays, an amount Munchak hopes represents two successful series. Jake Locker will then take over and probably finish the half. Locker should see at least some starting linemen and receivers for at least his first series. Rusty Smith will take over by the start of the third quarter. Munchak has emphasized that starting the first preseason game has no meaning in the competition. Hasselbeck played the bulk of his career for the Seahawks and that he was the Titans' starter last year made it sensible that he be first out of the box, Munchak said.