What could MJD and Jags be talking about?

It’s surprising to learn that the Jaguars and Maurice Jones-Drew have been in “constant contact” during his contract holdout.

What exactly might they be talking about? The weather? The Olympics? The presidential campaigns?

Each side appears unwavering. The Jaguars are insisting they won’t renegotiate a deal that has two years remaining. Jones-Drew is maintaining his scheduled pay is insufficient considering his production. I would have figured there wasn’t much talking going on.

But Adam Schefter’s report that Jones-Drew could stay out until the end of the month, or even into September, included the line about the frequency of communication.

And there has to be more to it than…

Ready to pay more?

No. Are you ready to honor your contract?

No. OK, talk soon.

So maybe it really is chit chat about current events, or maybe constant communication isn’t what it would seem.

At any rate, the update here is there is still no end in sight.

I cannot see the Jaguars moving off of their stance. But both sides will be very curious how Rashad Jennings runs against the Giants Friday night and beyond.