Dolphins 'Hard Knocks' report: Episode Two

HBO's "Hard Knocks" aired its second episode Tuesday night. It was an explosive week in Miami with the Dolphins losing their projected starting quarterback and No. 1 receiver in a matter of days.

HBO had all-access behind the scenes. Here is a recap of the second episode:

  • The episode begins with the loss of Joe Philbin's son and how it ties into the Andy Reid story. The Philadelphia Eagles' coach recently lost his son, Garrett. Philbin is still reeling from his loss, and you can tell he feels for what Reid is going through.

  • Last week cornerback Vontae Davis was the goat. This week it was rookie tight end Michael Egnew. Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman really got into Egnew for his lack of intensity and making plays. Sherman said he'd cut Egnew right now if he was the general manager. Egnew is a third-round pick but hasn't showed much. He had a couple drops in the preseason opener.

  • Miami general manager Jeff Ireland admits to Peter King of Sports Illustrated that he has concerns about his wide receivers. Ireland says he knows he has "four, fives and sixes." But Ireland wants to see if there are any "ones, twos and threes" in the group. I've been critical of Miami's receivers all along. There have been tons of drops in spring practices and training camp.

  • The story about quarterback David Garrard feeling left knee pain while playing with his children was confirmed. The Dolphins were aware of Garrard's injury the night before the preseason opener. Philbin looked visibly distraught when he heard the news, and so was Ireland. Quarterback Matt Moore was surprised when he heard the news that he was starting on short notice.

  • Finally, HBO did a good job of highlighting Chad Johnson's arrest and release by the team. Philbin met one-on-one with Johnson, who was clearly distraught and admits he embarrassed the team. Then, Johnson and Philbin have an awkward last conversation where Johnson defended himself by saying he's never been in trouble before. But Philbin had his mind made up that the fit wasn't working and said it was time to go in another direction. Johnson kept his composure, thanked Philbin for the opportunity and left the Dolphins' facility for the last time.