On the Titans choosing Locker as the guy

The Titans have decided on Jake Locker as their starter at quarterback, not just for Thursday night against the Cardinals in their third preseason game, but for the start of the regular season.

Here's Jim Wyatt of The Tenessean's report.

It’s a tougher call to sell with Locker coming off a miserable performance in Tampa Bay. But the franchise drafted him eighth overall last season as the quarterback of the future, and I think it’s probably a smart call to say the future is now.

There will be bumps in the road with a quarterback who’s not started a regular season NFL game yet. At some point you have to accept those and get past them, and sooner is better than later, I believe.

This is probably not a playoff team with Hasselbeck at the helm. I don’t think it’ll be a playoff team with Locker, either. But there is more upside with Locker, who can do more, and it's a choice that helps you build for the long term.

You have to accept Locker's lower completion percentage and be willing to swallow some mistakes, hoping he doesn’t make the same mistakes twice.

He is an energizing player. Perhaps the nervousness that showed against the Buccaneers will dissolve knowing the franchise has picked him as the man.

The team and the fan base can now rally around him, and it’s a good thing that there is plenty of time for that to happen between now and Sept. 9 when New England comes to town.

Hasselbeck will be disappointed but professional. He’ll be a giant resource for Locker.

I like the organizational decisiveness. Now we all need to be patient and allow Locker to grow, hoping the pace is a good one.