Let's resist urge to tell Collie what to do

Austin Collie sustained his third concussion in 22 months Sunday night in Pittsburgh.

Concerned media and fans will now race to tell the Colts receiver it’s not worth it to try to play anymore, that there is too much risk, that his family needs him to turn away from the game.

All of which might be true, but all of which is for him to decide.

Should we have his best interests in mind? Absolutely. Should we believe it’s for us to dictate what he does? No.

Coach Chuck Pagano said Collie was feeling good today. The team, following league guidlines, will dictate the time he takes and the benchmarks he needs to reach in order to return.

And he'll surely have a lot to think about as he recovers.

If you want to make a reasoned case for why he shouldn't play any more football, have at it. I prefer a reasoned case for an adult not having to immediately give into public demand.

It’s awfully easy to tell him to hang it up.

Maybe he should. Maybe he will.

It’s his head. His timetable. His decision.